Poland 2013

Part of my big cycle trip through the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Norway from Eindhoven to the North Cape in Norway.

I am putting together a planned route for the trip along quiet roads through pretty areas. In the past, I have found that just ‘going’ lands you on ugly roads with lots of traffic. If you know some of the places I am cycling through, and have some suggestions, please let me know!
Many thanks to the people on podrozerowerowe Polish cycling forum. They lead me to the right places to find online gpx paths of the route I would like to cycle.

My trajectory is a concatenation of routes from the Polish bike gpx site www.traseo.pl, from a European route site www.bikemap.net, and part of the R1 long distance cycle route from Bologne in France to St. Petersburg in Russia.

Other resources I have used in the planning is

  • the Lonvia ‘bike overlay’ to the OpenStreetMap open source map project. Simply scroll to the area of interest and click on ‘Routen’ to see a list of the paths displayed on the map. A gpx file can be downloaded for each of these maps.
  • The gpx files for the R1 long distance bike route which are from Detlef Kaden. This book/CD combination is excellent, giving route information, as well as info on things to see, accommodation, and visa information for the Kalingrad Russian enclave.

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