Norway 2013

Part of my big cycle trip through the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Norway from Eindhoven to the North Cape in Norway.

I am putting together a planned route for the trip along quiet roads through pretty areas. In the past, I have found that just ‘going’ lands you on ugly roads with lots of traffic. If you know some of the places I am cycling through, and have some suggestions, please let me know!

The last leg of my trip: through Finnmark in Norway, passes from the Finnish border through to the North Cape. I have already cycled much of this in 2012 (the part from Alta to Nordkapp) when I cycled from Bodø to the Nordkapp. This year, depending on how much time I have at the end, I would like to explore some of the far northern peninsulas of Norway. I heard that the road from Berlevåg to Båtsfjord is beautiful, and that Vardø and Vadsø are worth visiting. Once I cycle to the Nordkapp and return to Honningsvåg, I would like to take the Hurtigruten and then explore some more of the far north.

I have had some great feedback from the people on the Norwegian cycling forum, including a tip on getting a private boat from Syltefjord to Hamningberg. It would also be great to explore the other far north peninsulas. I have already explored a bit of the Northkyn peninsula in 2012, but am interested in suggestions for getting boats between the other peninsulas (of which I don’t know the name). For example from Repvåg to the peninsula opposite, and from that peninsula to the Northkyn peninsula, and from further down the Northkyn peninsula across to the Varanger peninsula.

Do you have any tips?

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