Delft – Paris, 1995

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Our greatest distance in the shortest time (from Delft to Paris), Ed and I managed 274km two days in a row, carrying camping gear and clothes through the blistering heat, through the rolling hills (without shade) of northern France. We were mad.

We left at 4am and cycled south from Delft, through Zeeland and across the Schelde river at Vlissingen. We then scooted through Belgium and camped just over the border in France. The next day we got up super early again but only managed to leave the camping ground by 8. We planned to get to our friend’s place in Paris for dinner. We ended up calling again and again, saying that it was taking longer than planned. We were exhausted and Ed was throwing up. We arrived at the Arc du Triompf at 1am. Lying in bed that night, my heart rate did not drop below 100.

Since then I have learnt more about how the body works. What we did on that trip was not healthy. We did find our own borders though. I am glad we did the trip. Something to tell the grandchildren. Oops. I don’t even have any children. The grandchildren may be a bit of a challenge..

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