Aachen – Berlin, 2000

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Crossing Germany from west to east. I lived in the border town of Aachen, and cycled to the capital Berlin in the east. In Berlin I caught up with a friend from Aachen and hung out in the sun, relaxing after the cycle.

I started by following most of the Kaiser Route long distance cycle trail from Aachen to Paderborn. This took me along parts of the Rhein river, and the the Ruhr river. When I think of the Ruhr river, I think of heavy industry. The Ruhr river is very beautiful and green and it was a pleasure to follow.
I then passed through the Herz forest on the border between the old east and west Germany. It is a lovely rich forest, and I enjoyed cycling through the shady coolth.
The old east Germany did still feel poorer and more rural. Some of the roads were dreadful to cycle on, but it all felt more natural and less planned than the west, making it a pleasant experience.

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