Day 1. 60km. Cairns – Turtle Cove

Posted: June 15, 2022 in Australia, Cycling
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In French the word for clumsy is maladroit (bad with your right hand). I told this to a friend once in France. He said I was malagauche too (bad with my left hand). It took me two hours to assemble my bike from the bike box. The configuration of the baggage carrier and mudguard flummoxed me. But now the bike is in one piece and ready to go. Croydon and my friend Elizabeth – here I come!

Kilometre 0 in Cairns

I have known about Turtle Cove Resort near Cairns for a long time but have never been. Cycling out to see my friend Elizabeth, Cairns is the obvious place to start and so Turtle Cove – although a detour – was on the itinerary.

Palm Cove
Palm Cove
Palm Cove
Palm Cove
Palm Cove

While watching out for the crocs.

Croc warning

And stepping through the cairns of rocks.

Rock cairns

Locked into the resort as the iron man competition closed the road, it was a time to chill before the start of the bike trip proper. Some photos at sunrise and a scramble over the rocks exploring with a couple of Canadians.

Turtle Cove at sunrise
Turtle Cove at sunrise
Turtle Cove at sunrise

 Thanks to the amazing team and guests at Turtle Cove Resort. A lot of fun was had – quite a contrasting experience to the rest of my upcoming trip. I doubt I will be doing any pole dancing further west on this trip.

  1. deltathecat says:

    Looks wonderful. Enjoy!

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