Outback New South Wales – Touring cycling during COVID-19

Posted: August 21, 2020 in Australia, Cycling
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Touring cycling in 2020 is not the same. Thanks to COVID-19 much of the world has closed its borders, and few countries as extreme as Australia. Australians are not allowed to leave the country without an exemption from the Government, and most of the state borders are closed. Yearning for my favourite landscapes of bleak nothingness, this year I am staying close to home. This year I’ll be exploring the back blocks of outback New South Wales.

I have put together a rough itinerary based on a few things I have found in the internet. All comments and suggestions are welcome.

  • Aussievelo. Like the Eurovelo long-distance cycle touring network, I found a naissant Australian version of it. I am planning to follow Aussievelo 4 from Sydney to Adelaide as far as Broken Hill.
  • Lake Mungo and the Great Wall of China. Surreal desert rock formations.
  • Menindee Lakes: Visited by famous Australian explorers Burke and Wills.
  • Red Hill Hotel: While googling outback NSW I found this hotel that’s not a hotel in a secret location. Let’s see if I can find it.
  • Cameron Corner: To top-left corner of NSW, where it borders South Australia and Queensland. There’s a little pub in Queensland there.
  • The Cut Line: As remote as it gets in NSW – a dirt track through endless nothingness. Perfect!
  • Bourke: Never been there. Hearing the name brings up images of the outback.
Desert shadow

Desert shadow

  1. deltathecat says:

    Matthew, I like the look of what you are proposing.

    I tried to respond though the Comment part of your blog but it wouldn’t let me without logging in, and it didn’t like my login details

    Love: FB


  2. Matt Bunton says:

    Hey Matt
    Good to meet you this morning in Leura. Hope you got to Tarana Pub ok. If you stay there tonight try to head up to Evans Crown, not far from pub..short ride and walk. There are huge granite boulders with awesome views… great for a sunset or sunrise.

    Would be interesting to chat sometime re your riding in Central Asia. It sounded like your riding experience near Karakol was rather stressful with crazy drivers. We had friends in Karakol who we stayed with during winter on ski trips. Often thought of doing some riding there next trip to K.

    Safe travels

    Matt B

    • Hey Matt. Yep. I made it to Tarana. It was a beautiful ride and a bit of exercise for the old legs. Lots of aggressive magpies. Protecting their chicks. I loved Hartley too.
      I’ll check out Evans crown. Sounds beautiful!
      Stay in touch.

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