Day 16. 0km. Colcha K

Posted: September 19, 2019 in Bolivia, Cycling
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There was a pounding on my door.

‘Is the second bed in your room free?’

I had been pulled from my deep sleep. It was the early hours of the morning.

‘It’s occupied,’ came a voice from afar – the owner of the hostel.

Thank God for that!

Today, outside, was Carnival with people dressed in extravagant outfits and the brass bands roaming the streets playing drunkenly out of key. Inside, I was recovering, in a half sleep or listening to my audio book on full volume to hear it above the brass band.

I don’t have any photos from outside. I wasn’t in the mood. I just wanted to stay rugged up and warm to get rid of this gastric problem.

  1. valerievolk says:

    Oh dear. Are you over all this now? I think it was posted several days ago???

  2. Bev says:

    Take good care of yourself. Hope everything goes much better for you. Happy cycling.

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