Day 4. 125km. Peine – San Pedro de Atacama

Posted: September 1, 2019 in Chile, Cycling
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I sat in the shade looking out over the shallow lake with flamingos. They were wading along, head in the water.

Laguna Chaxa

Laguna Chaxa

Today was a flat affair, speeding along the road to the big smoke of San Pedro de Atacama. I watched as the chain of Andean mountains slowly slid behind as I moved forward.

Llamas crossing

Llamas crossing

The Andes mountain chain slides past.

The Andes mountain chain slides past.

Now I need to think about how to acclimatise (altitude-wise) for the next leg of the trip at 4300m.

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Ooh, I forgot about altitude. Good luck!

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