Day 22. 36km. Nimmu (3124m) – Leh (3440m)

Posted: August 11, 2018 in Cycling, India
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We are climbing Khardung La tomorrow. Terrain is no boundary. We are going to bash on regardless.

Bash on regardless

Bash on regardless

It was an uneventful return to Leh. We got our permit and ate a lot (again). I don’t want to stay a skeleton. 🙂

  1. Caesar Zucchi says:

    Hi Matthew,

    We have been following your adventure and been awestruck by the terrain, people and challenges that you have met and bested! Chapeau!

    In pub talk, it is easy to dismiss achievements by point out that somebody has done something faster or higher. But you, and your fellow adventurers (Jessica and the others you have met on the way), boy, you are really on the outer edge. And we like the way you write inclusively of the people you have encountered – this is among the many reasons that we follow your writings so avidly,

    All the best wishes for your safe onwards journey (a trite sentiment, but a sincerly meant one from us)


    Frank and Penny

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Carbo-loading time!

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