Day 7. 15km. Lidang (3462m) – Kaza (3634m)

Posted: July 27, 2018 in Uncategorized

That was an experience. Haircut, face massage that included a beating of the head and shaving foam massaged into my face for a very long time. Feels good. The things you do on a recover from altitude sickness day off.

Hair salon

Hair salon

I went to bed last night planning to climb 1000m into the heavens to see the world from above. This morning my headache made me consider otherwise. I decided to take the main road to the big town and chill. I realised I had made the right decision when every bump in the road made the headache worse. On arriving I went to the German bakery and ate a loaf of bread, a cinnamon scroll and another pastry.

I was hungry

I was hungry

I then went to bed. That’s what one does on a day off. Tomorrow some beautiful monasteries.

  1. parikhitdutta says:

    Looking forward to the pictures from the monasteries

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Always good to ‘sharpen the saw!’

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