Day 5. 65km. Nako (3611m) – Tabo (3270m)

Posted: July 25, 2018 in Cycling, India
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From the cool heights of Nako to the hot river bed. I never expected to be hot at over 3000m. The sun radiated its heat from above and from the rock faces all around. I cycled through this playground of rock, ending in the monastery village of Tabo.



Today was about cycling, but also about taking, and sharing stories. I crosses paths with the New Zealand cyclists at breakfast and several places during the day. We also spent most of the late afternoon and evening talking. That didn’t leave much time for the monastery. That’s for tomorrow morning at the prayer service at 6.

Thomas, Jessica and myself

Thomas, Jessica and myself

The valley

The valley

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Nice stupa. So little green, how do they eat? Did you see any crops?

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