30km. Heathcote National Park

Posted: December 27, 2017 in Australia, Cycling
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“It’s hot, like the sea in Borneo. Wow! Here’s a cold spot. Now it’s cold around my feet, and warm at my top.”
All alone in this little park we swam, through the green cool waters with the cicada frenzy all around. A short cycle, and we were off the highway and into paradise.

Elizabeth at Mirang Pool

Elizabeth at Mirang Pool

I had never thought of cycling through Heathcote National Park – it looks so small on the other side of the Princes Highway from the Royal National Park. This one was a suggestion from the people at Oma Fiets – my local bike shop.

Very soon we left the busy Princes Highway, and were instantly alone on a small road through the bush to a tranquil dam.

Woronora Dam

Woronora Dam

The Pipeline Trail was blocked by a gate which meant that no cars could disturb us, and we proceed to scoot down a dirt track into the valley. The Mirang Pool is not such a long walk from the Heathcote train station, although we didn’t take this route, and were a beautiful, refreshing stop before the steep ascent back to the ridge top.

Mirang Pool

Mirang Pool

  1. valerievolk says:

    Looks lovely. How’s Aaron taking to longer cycling trips? He’s looking very relaxed about it.

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