Update: The exploits of an ex-world cyclist in Sydney

Posted: May 22, 2017 in Australia

I will finally get a job when it falls off, I said, not usually one to believe in random charms. Around my wrist are the last remnants of a yellow ribbon giving me luck from a monk in Laos. That thread has been hanging on grimly for ages. Sydney has not yet given me a job, but it has given me new green and black ribbon from a lovely new partner.

My new green and black band

My new green and black band

When I stood in front of the Brighton Jetty in Adelaide, after a two year and 41483km journey from the Netherlands, the last two years overwhelmed my mind. Every day I was living a new story – a new piece of the journey. I felt like I had more memories of the last two years than the preceding 44. Eight months later, the cycling adventure has receded to become an episode – a really cool one – of my life. The following (and current) episode is challenging me – finding a new life is harder than I thought. I am ready for it, but my new life is not ready for me yet, telling me ‘no’ time after time. So, as well as writing job applications, going to interviews, volunteering and doing some maths tutoring, I am going on long runs.

Running to the airport.

Running to the airport makes me feel I am on holiday again!

Royal National Park

Royal National Park

I have been invited to interviews for a comms job at an eco-tourism organisation aiming to protect endangered species. I didn’t have the Australian journalist network another candidate had. With an aboriginal organisation, they wanted a combination data analyst (I have 12 years experience) and comms person (4 years experience) to help drive their policy development. For that job I didn’t have practical experience making infographics. For an organisation giving youth education scholarships, I didn’t have the experience in the Not-For-Profit space.

Getting ready for a job interview.

Getting ready for a job interview.

This is disheartening, but I am consoled that I am not alone. I am not alone, as there are thousands of other professionals out there hearing ‘no’ a lot too. More importantly, I am not alone as I have my loving family and friends, and a wonderful new man in my life.

Me and Aaron.

Me and Aaron.

I expected that the last update would be the last before my ‘I have a new job post’. Maybe this one will be. When I get a job, I’ll move these posts to the top of my blog. Next for me is moving out of my flat away from a flat-mate personality clash, and spending more time getting to know my new partner, Aaron. Life goes on. I live in happiness that I had cycled my dream, and, when the universe is ready, the next stage will be amazing too!

My run to Bronte Beach.

My run to Bronte Beach.

  1. BURT REIFF says:

    Best of luck mate! A job at some point is necessary for most, but is does limit one’s lifestyle. Make the best of it and I know you will…

  2. biciyoga says:

    I consider finding the right partner more difficult than finding the right job, so… lucky you Mathew!!! 😘

  3. Dan says:

    I love reading your blogs, particularly your honesty. I loved following your trip over those 2 years. Good luck with the job!!

  4. valerievolk says:

    With the great positive attitude you have, things will have to come together for you. As they are in your private life. All the best!

  5. Eliza Waters says:

    Good to see a post from you. Glad you’ve found a new partner, it can make all the difference when facing job-hunting challenges. The perfect job is on its way to you!

  6. […] People often ask what happens to cyclists after their big bike trip. Like many others, I left my job and got rid of all my possessions to do the trip. Now I’m at the other end of the adventure. This is the third update of the ordeals of a world cyclist starting a new life post-cycling adventure. (This is the first update, and this is the second.) […]

  7. Judith says:

    Hi! Found this:
    probably recognizable…

    • Yes. Coming to the end is quite a shock to the system. Passing the halfway mark was confronting. Stepping on Australian soil made me realise the end is near. Then one week to go. Then a few days. At least there is still tomorrow. Then the day of arrival came. And then it went. And then what?

      It was the first step in the next part of my life. That chapter is still developing.

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