Day 6. 144km. Cobram – Albury

Posted: December 5, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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Today I saw some small hills. They were in front of me and around me in the last kilometres before Albury. Music pumping in my ears, I realised I am, once again, on the road. I laugh. In front of me are the Snowy Mountains!

Lunch on the Murray

Lunch on the Murray

It’s taken 6 days to have those cobwebs brushed away. This is not a weekend expedition – I’m on the road. Tomorrow I’ll be climbing into the Snowy Mountains – Australia’s highest mountains, to near the source of the Murray – Australia’s longest river.

It is the music. This music always does it to me. Infected Mushrooms – I feel the blood pumping through my body, and I feel alive. Today the music made me laugh because I can see the end of the plains. It made me laugh to think of the cooler weather in the mountains, and the beautiful alpine landscape.

But, today was a day of the river. I followed the Murray River, alternating between roads in Victoria and in New South Wales. I swam in the river in the morning, and at lunch, and remained in its green belt – the green belt of life the water gives to the land.

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