Day 463. 26km. Quorn

Posted: September 27, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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‘I thought I recognized you!’
It must have been nearly 30 years since we last saw her – the owner of Olive Grove cottage where we used to come every year for the long weekend in October.
‘We gave you the big map to put on the wall above the fire,’ said Dad.
‘Yes. Yes. I remember!’
A few phone calls later and we can go and visit this holiday house of my childhood once more.

Today I got my haircut. The hairdresser knew my grandmother’s cousins. They all knew the places we used to walk. I kind of felt a bit like a local. It’s been a long cycle, and now I’m here.

Dad joined us from Adelaide, and we headed off along the 15km dirt dead-end road to Olive Grove cottage to camp there, but turned back when the rain got heavier and Dad’s car almost got bogged. An evening in Quorn it was with a nice meal and a warm bed.

No photos today. Oops. I forgot. There’ll be some tomorrow when the weather is better.. ☺

  1. Frank Zucchi says:

    Hi Matthew, thank you for your daily updates – it has been a cracking read! My wife and I met you and Clement at Wilpena, and had a brief discussion about your trip and experiences – we also took some photos of you both. Good luck with the rest of the trip and hopefully you wont get caught up in the forecast rain over the next couple of days. Our own trip to Arkaroola had to be abandoned a week or so ago due to concerns that either we were going to get bogged on the way there, or get stranded if the roads were closed! (and we were going by car…) Cheers Frank and Penny

    • Hey. Great to hear from you! We have now made it to Adelaide (the blog is a few days behind). The trip officially ended today at the Brighton Jetty where my mother’s ashes are scattered.
      All the best to you. I hope you make it to Arkaroola next time. 🙂

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