Day 461. 81km. Wilpena Pound – Elder Ranges

Posted: September 25, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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Today I was not motivated. The Mawson Trail was always beautiful, but bumpy in parts, and I just couldn’t be bothered. I was eyeing off the short-cut to Hawker, but was talked out of it. Cycling through the grassy fields with the rocky mountains as backdrop in the evening light made it all worth it. Still, a comfortable bed and a hot shower would be nice soon.

Mawson Trail in the evening light

Mawson Trail in the evening light

The Mawson Trail is a bit fractal around Wilpena Pound going 5 steps forward and 4 steps back. We returned to the main road from Port Augusta to Marree only 50km from where we turned off at Parachilna to enter the Flinders Ranges. Before that, we skirted the outside of Wilpena Pound, and then passed between the pound and the Elder Ranges – another line of rocky outcrop mountains. When the rain-looking clouds were gathering, and the wind was again a headwind, I found my motivation dwindling to leave the beautiful smooth bitumen road that was only 30km from Hawker, to cycle down a dirt, corrugated road in the opposite direction. I am here to enjoy the landscape, and the main roads certainly aren’t as nice.

Elder Ranges Road

Elder Ranges Road

Maybe an early night will fix my blues.

  1. Peter says:

    Hi Matthew and Clement, it’s Peter (Daniel’s friend). Made it back to Adelaide yesterday (sat 24 sept). Did it mostly along the mawson trail, up to Kapunda. Had a fabulous day of sun and tailwinds along the riesling and rattler trails, then more rain on Sat. All the trails out of Kapunda were mud, so I decided to come home via the Thiele Highway to Gawler, and then along the O’Grady bike path to Adelaide. Some nice ladies at the Riverton Church op shop gave me a large orange plastic bag to make into a rain coat, which I needed badly. And i finally replaced my totally worn down jockey wheels today. Fabulous to have hot showers, hot chocolate and the internet again. All in all I was on the road for 16 days – nothing quite as epic as your ride, but still fun. It was inspiring to meet you both, and I wish you all the best in whatever comes next.

    • Hi Peter. It was great meeting you. We are in Adelaide now too after a bit of a rainy trip with some nice sunny days too. Thanks for your best wishes and I’m sure we’ll see you around. I’ll be in Adelaide for a while now. 🙂

  2. Marcel says:

    He Mat, It feels like I’m following your blog for years now. My daily vitamins. What an awesome trip and how good described on this website. Couldn’t be better. It nearly comes to an end and I will ask you to extend your trip with another loop 🙂
    What are your plans and can we follow you in your next life as well?

    Enjoy your last section.


    • Hi Marcel. Great to hear from you. The end is indeed near now. I will settle down in Australia – maybe in Adelaide and get a job. I don’t know what that job will be st the moment. We’ll see. No more extra loops at the moment. Maybe some time in the future. ☺

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