Day 438. 111km. Sandy Way – Kata Tjuta

Posted: August 26, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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‘Wow!’ was Clement’s expression as we turned the last bend to Uluru. The massive rock was looming over us. We were small, insignificant ants next to this ancient dinosaur.
Today we saw the sun rise over Uluru and saw the sun’s last rays on Kata Tjuta. In between was the Uluru experience.



The sunrise viewing area on my app was not signposted at all, and we passed all the people sleeping in their caravans to our own private rise in the landscape to see the rising sun illuminate the big red rock on the horizon. Cold, but happy, we continued on our way to the tourist village of Yulara.

Clement climbed the rock while I stayed at the bottom. The aboriginal owners would prefer people not to climb the rock, so I stayed down and instead had a lot of fun speaking lots of the languages that I know. I really get a kick out of that.

The road around the rock was beautiful with lots of stops. It stimulated Clement and I to have theoretical discussions on what is religion, and what is the history of a people. Clement puts a lot of importance on the written word, leading to unchanging accounts of history. Word of mouth is too changing between generations. Aborignal dreamtime stories have only been passed down through word of mouth. Also, a religion only can be called that if many thousand of people follow it. I disagree, but it was an interesting discussion – interrupted by a sighting of an amazing lizard.

Thorny devil

Thorny devil



Sitting on 38999km from Eindhoven we find ourselves camping near to Kata Tjuta, ready for an explore tomorrow.

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Amazing rock formation and lizard! Great spot to hit 39,000!

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