Day 432. 139km. Alice Springs – Glen Helen

Posted: August 19, 2016 in Australia, Cycling
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Tailwind – our first. Clouds – our first. Mountains – well, hills – almost our first. It was beautiful cycling through the MacDonnell Ranges that once used to be higher than the Himalayas. We passed water holes and rivers as we passed between the beautiful rocky red ridges.

The road to Glen Helen

The road to Glen Helen

We were blown to our lunch destination at a water hole. It popped up out of nowhere. Too cold for a swim for me, but Clement braced the chilly water. This evening we are staying in a sandy river bed near the Glen Helen Resort. We spent the evening speaking with Julie – a French cyclist who is working there for a month, an American cycling couple, and some backpackers.

Glen Helen Gorge

Glen Helen Gorge

It was good to get back on the bikes after a 5 day break in Alice Springs. Our time there was wonderful with lots of food, drink and fun people. We were welcomed in with open arms by Julie (her uncle and my auntie are married) and her husband Lyall. We became part of the local car rally community, joining in on their BBQ and then their rally as they hurtled around a course between the sticks. Thanks for everything!!

  1. Who would have ever thought that the McDonnell Ranges were higher than the Hymalaya!

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