Day 411. 71km. Lalela – Binagua

Posted: July 9, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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‘Look! Dolphins!’
Cycling in the evening light, the road was flat along grassy plains next to the beach, and, there they were – 10 metres off shore – lots and lots of dolphins.

Our camping spot

Our camping spot

This morning I woke to the sound of the monks singing. They sing all the time, even just walking through the mission. Happy people. I even ventured into the church service this morning. The church is immaculate as are the whole church grounds – such a stark contrast to the village outside. The wealth of the church and the religious life must be very attractive. The young students seem happy – their passion for religion makes them happy, which makes me happy. Such passion has brought the church, and help for the local people into these remote places. The passion has also brought Christianity.

Today Clement asked me what I ate in Iran. Like with faces and with clothes, I only remember if I like something or not – if it was tasty or not. He was shocked at my lack of memory of this – for him a very important part of life. He has told about a Swiss cycling companion he had, and how they spent hours reminiscing what they ate in great detail. For me, I remember different things. I guess this may shock lots of cyclists, as eating is an important part of the cycling experience for many. I spent the afternoon thinking about this – is this strange? I have never liked cooking, and when at home by myself, I usually went to minimum effort to make something I wouldn’t offer to anyone else (like toast and marmite). I don’t know – I was happy enough.

We decided to camp near the dolphins today, and I have put up the hammock on the beach between two trees. Dinner was bread and tuna, and a desert of a brilliant starry sky with two shooting stars.



  1. Burt Reiff says:

    I completely agree with you about the interest in food. Many of my friends are taking pictures of their food and sharing them. Especially on a bike tour, I’m usually much more interested in quantity than in having an epicurean experience. Are you going to Papua New Guinea on your tour?

  2. Sounds far more memorable to feast on starry nights and shooting stars.

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