Day 403. 40km. Kupang – Oesao

Posted: June 30, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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I didn’t sleep well on the boat, and spent most of the day procrastinating before stopping at 3 to have an afternoon sleep before an evening sleep. Then Clement wrote. His boat arrived at 5 in the evening – not 5 in the morning. We had an evening of catching up and preparing for the cycle through Timor.

Resting place

Resting place

After eating two meals and fixing my flat tyre in front of a large audience at the harbour, I cycled, stopped and ate, cycled, stopped and had my hair cut. I then cycled, stopped and ate, and stopped to sleep. I was not ready for the hills ahead. Time for a rest.

Tomorrow Clement and I will start our cycle in Timor proper.

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