Day 401. 55km. Larantuka – Lewoleba

Posted: June 27, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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The island hopping has started – Adonara Island – tick. Lambata Island – tick. That’s where it’s going to stop though. There are no boats further for a while. Staying with Gervas who I met in Kelimutu, I’m going to cycle, snorkel and relax on Lembata Island before catching the ferry to Timor in a few days. A bit of R&R is going to be nice!

Volcano on Adonara

Volcano on Adonara

Adonara island was peaceful and quiet, and rather steep in parts. I was told to take the northern road as the southern one was completely destroyed. The northern one was too in parts, and very steep as it climbed up and down steep valleys in the middle of the small island.



In the middle of the island

In the middle of the island

The boat trip to Lambata was a bit exciting. The bike was hoisted up onto the deck with all the luggage. It all worked well, and I now find myself relaxing in Lewoleba.

Boat to Lembata

Boat to Lembata

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Last days in paradise!

  2. God bless my place.

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