Day 382. 90km. Gending – Bondowoso

Posted: June 5, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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There he was – Bob Marley, walking along the side of the road, stark naked, his penis swaying as he walked. A walking stick in hand, and a little frilly black lace piece of fabric wedged between his arse cheeks was all he had in the way of clothes. ‘Are there lots of naked Bob Marleys in Indonesia?’ I asked. ‘Some,’ was the reply. There seemed little interest in this strange dredlocked man. Indonesia has all kinds of people.

The beach

The beach

Today we visited some more welding stations – they’re everywhere in Indonesia to fix the millions of motorbikes buzzing around. I met with Harry several times during the afternoon as he walked and hitched his way to the bike shop in Bondowoso where his back hub was finally fixed. With all our technical problems we’re meeting the cycling community of East Java.

Bike shop in Bondowoso

Bike shop in Bondowoso

This morning we met up with our friends from the bike shop in Probolinggo for breakfast and a ride to a beautiful little beach. The main road was busy and dangerous, plied by trucks and busses – all in a hurry. The view on the side of the road was spectacular – although it was an effort to cross the road to photograph it.

RIce fields

RIce fields



And yet another new fruit – a relative of the coconut. They have a very strange tasting fermented drink made from its juice. Eating the fruit, you pull the geletounous segments out from shell. Weird.

New fruit

New fruit

We are now (hopefully) ready to scale the Ijen volcano and see the ‘blue fire’. Looking forward to it!

  1. Sun says:

    Hi there!

    I have never come along this coconut kind of in Indonesia. In the Philippines it is called Macapuno. It is actually a genetic defect of the coconut, but very popular. The family I worked for in the Philippines was there for a project where they tried to get Macapuno on purpose.

    Best, Susanne


  2. Eliza Waters says:

    That shot of the rice fields and mountain backdrop is super. What amazing things you are seeing!

  3. D says:

    The fruit is called lontar if I am not mistaken

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