Day 380. 12km. Bromo – Cemara Lawang

Posted: June 2, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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The alarm went at 4:45 and we joined the hoards that had arrived while we slept and saw the sunrise over the stunning volcanic landscape. Today was sun, views, super steep roads, and failing brakes. After a sojourn across the sand plains and a climb to the bellowing crater, we called it a day as the rain set in. I don’t want to die on the way down careering out of control in the rain.

Stairway down from Bromo

Stairway down from Bromo

The alarm roused us out of our sleep to see the streams of people passing our little prayer hut, going to the viewing area to see the sunrise. The view was, indeed, spectacular. Flat, sandy plains with huge volcano craters bursting out at incredible angles. One of the craters was bellowing smoke – its clouds turned orange in the beautiful morning light. A few hours later everyone was gone, and we cooked our breakfast in peace in the bright sunshine, looking out over the plains miles below.

Bromo in the morning

Bromo in the morning

Coming down from the heights to the sand plains is incredible. The road is so steep, and the views are so spectacular. We made our way to, and climbed a crater billowing out ash. Near the crest of the crater you can hear the booms of each cloud of ash being expelled into the air.

Steep mountains rising from the plains

Steep mountains rising from the plains

My hydraulic brakes have given up the ghost. The oil has been leaking, and now they hardly work at all. I replaced the brake pads (again) to try to get the most of what was left, and walked my bike down the steepest parts today. As no-one can service the brakes here, I have decided to change them for normal, standard brakes, but first, I need to get down from Bromo to a bike shop on the coast. As the rain started again this afternoon, I decided it was too dangerous to go down to the coast, and am staying in the nice, cool heights for another night.

  1. psicotony says:

    woah those views! 😀

  2. Hugo Alfonso says:

    Awesome place and great pics! Regarding the brakes, I also got rid of the Magura hydraulic brakes and changed them to regular V brakes, which work fine, are easy to maintain and everybody has spare parts if needed. Bego has had problems with her Maguras, too. And Twisting Spokes also had many problems with the Maguras and I believe they are replacing them with standard V brakes… Cheers

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