Day 371. 66km. Dongala – Kasoluang

Posted: May 21, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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We had two choices – return to the main road or continue around the headland before returning to the main road. Both were a similar distance. Our route (around the headland) may (!) have been a bit steeper. Sulawesi was welcoming me back from sickness with the best it could give – about a kilometre of 20% grade in the blistering heat. Sulawesi.

View of coral

View of coral

We all pushed – Will and I with long breathing breaks between each successive 20 metres.
Will ended with a bit of heat stroke and sat, exhausted in front of the fan in the restaurant as Clement and I ate something. It’s flatter from now on, we’re told. Maybe we can return to 100km per day.. ☺

After a swim and clean in the river, being escorted to a restaurant for dinner, and then waiting an hour for a village head to give his blessing, we are staying in an abandoned house in a small village.

Evening swim

Evening swim

  1. Goodness, the heat and gradient sounds punishing, yet that sea visibility is clear to be able to see coral like that! Keep hydrated…. and hoping that the heat days cools for you.

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Sounds punishing so soon after you illness.

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