Day 368. 23km. Labuana – Tompe

Posted: May 18, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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I looked over the rock and ten sets of beady eyes were looking back. Then all of a sudden the flying slugs skipped away across the ankle-deep water between the mangrove roots. They were everywhere, and they were so cute. The whole day was fantastic exploring this tropical water paradise. Caves, snorkelling and enjoying the company of our new ‘kaili’ (local Sulawesi people) friends. We didn’t cycle much though.

Sunrise at Paradise beach

Sunrise at Paradise beach

Will left after an initial snorkel to get to the bright lights of Palu for a hotel break. Clement and I were taken to ‘the cave’. We expected to walk along the beach. Actually, we swam around the rocks, waded through mangroves with roots protruding vertically from the shallow, clear water, and scaled small headlands. It was a beautiful stroll in this paradise playground, teeming with life from the sea, the beach and the forest.

Mangrove walk

Mangrove walk



When we finally left around 4, after another snorkel and a wonderful lunch, we scaled the steepest sand road of my trip for 5 very hard kilometres in the pounding sun. It was beautiful.

This was steep

This was steep

Coastal road

Coastal road

We didn’t get far today, and are tired from the non-cycling activities. A day in paradise.

  1. Barbara van der Vaart says:

    Wat een prachtig eiland!

  2. Carlos says:

    I think your trip is done. This is your new home. Why leave? 8 hour desk jobs are overrated anyway. Otherwise start up company offering cycling tours to these islands if you must.

  3. Eliza Waters says:

    The water is beautiful!

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