Day 361. 57km. Tawau – Pantai Amal

Posted: May 6, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia, Malaysia
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‘Let’s wait.’
‘No, let’s catch the boat a little south of here and continue on south in Borneo.’
We all changed our minds back and forth like the light of a firefly. All the options were not optimal, and it took us all morning to discover them. Chaos boat travel in Indonesia.



‘Besok (tomorrow)’
‘Not from here.’
‘At 6 in the evening.’
It has taken 4 days to get from Tawau to Tarakan (which takes 3 hours with a fast boat). We waited 2 days in Tawau, then caught a boat to just over the border in Indonesia – Nunakan. We waited there a day, cycled to the other side of the island, and took a night ferry to Tarakan. We then cycled across the Tarakan island to find that the next boat to Tolitoli in Surawesi leaves in two days. All the way we were told all sorts of different information. Anything could be true.

Going with the flow, we find ourselves camped in a little hut on the beach on Tarakan island next to Borneo. Hopefully the boat to Sulawesi will leave the day after tomorrow.. ☺

Near our humble abode

Near our humble abode

Near our humble abode

Near our humble abode

Our own private concert

Our own private concert

  1. dreiradfahrer66 says:

    Oh yes, I know. I had this in Laos as well. But going with the flow will lead you to best experiences.

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Wow, guess it could be worse. Chillin’ in paradise!

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