Day 350. 113km. Tamin – Selitut

Posted: April 21, 2016 in Cycling, Malaysia
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Will and I have similar bodies regarding calorie and water requirements. In comparison Clement needs almost none of both. A lack of communications and an hour food stop resulted in everyone worrying about the other, and everyone being stressed. We covered some distance today, but it was a push.

The road

The road

We had an early morning tour of the garden of our lovely Iban friends in Tamin before setting off.

The jungle garden

The jungle garden

Yet again we have been welcomed by a lovely family in an Iban long house. They have been busily making balls from rice-flour which, we believe, can be used to make a rice alcoholic drink. These people have such lovely smiles and such warm hearts. I like the Iban people!

Rice balls

Rice balls

Iban family

Iban family

  1. Susanne says:

    Have a look at
    about the Bruno Manser Fond

  2. Holis Sarbeni says:

    do you have the same general impressions of all Indonesian ethnics whom you have been encountering in every regions where you have been cycling so far such as warm – hearted, friendly and hospitable ?

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