Day 345. 38km. Siburan – Kuching

Posted: April 15, 2016 in Cycling, Malaysia
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Using bottled water results in so much plastic waste that pollutes our planet. I try to avoid using bottled water. I also have panic fits of running out of water – I sweat a lot, and if I drink enough I get cramp and cannot go on. Today my panic attack overtook my common sense, creating one more piece of plastic rubbish for the planet.

When it is hot and humid and at low altitude (making it hotter), and when the road is constantly steep, I get cramp. I cannot drink enough water and electrolytes to replace what I am sweating out. In the backblocks, where there is not a village shop every few hundred metres, I can panic, needing to stock up on water when I see it. I have almost run out of water before, and not drinking enough will definitely result in cramp with this weather.
Cycling through the outskirts of the capital of Sarawak province, you can be sure there will be water to be had. I was not happy with only my emergency reserve water, and bought a bottle of water where there was no other drinking water. I regretted having done this – especially when Clement was able to fill up with water without creating extra plastic waste just 2km down the road. I will try to think more and not let panic attacks take over. Lesson learned.

Today we met up with Will who I cycled with in Tajikistan and Krygyzstan. Its been 16000km since I last saw him. It’ll be good to have a third member to the team in Borneo and Sulawesi.

The new cycling team - me, Clement and Will

The new cycling team – me, Clement and Will

Thanks Jammie for the great and relaxed hospitality. We are looking forward to a lovely evening and time with you here in Kuching!

  1. The bottled water is really a world pollution problem. When I cycled in Spain, Laos and Thailand, they even give you a plastic sac, which I refused, to carry your bottle. So crazy.

  2. Go Team Trio! Look forward to reading what Borneo and Sulawesi bring through your pedal power and camera footage.

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