Day 335. 90km. Kebumen – Dalangan

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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I am glad I have left the main roads. Yesterday I had small roads along the beach, and today small roads in the mountains. This means a lot of climbing, but it’s peaceful and beautiful in the forest and rice fields. I’m staying with a lovely family between two volcanoes. I hope to see the volcanoes tomorrow – there’s too much rain and cloud to see anything at the moment.



The rain came at the best moments today – just after I stopped for a break. At one of my breaks I was invited into a house to see the mother cooking sweets for sale at the local market.

The cook

The cook

Tomorrow between the volcanoes and then to Borobudur.

  1. Holis Sarbeni says:

    I m very glad to know that you are accepted by local peopl with full of hospitality during your cycling journey in my country.

  2. Ishan Hemantkumar Routal says:

    Matthew it is really inspiring to read about your journey. I have been following your posts on the Facebook. I used to ride during my school days but later i stopped. After reading your posts it has inspired me to get back to it and achieve something.
    Now i have enrolled myself to a cycling expedition, organised by Youth Hostel India. I would be going from Manali to Leh in northern India. Being it in Himalayas, it is going to be a tough ask but I am preparing myself for this challenge. Crossing mountain passes of 5000m will be something.
    But the most important thing is that, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reigniting my forgotton love. I hope you complete this journey and begin another as wonderful, exciting, and learning as this. Take care and all the best my friend.

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