Day 333. 118km. Batu Karas – Cilacap

Posted: March 29, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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The horizon above the dark-night sea was lit up by vast flickering bolts of white. The air had turned cool, and there was a wind blowing in from the sea. I jumped out of the hammock, packed my things and ran for cover. The hammock was blown horizontally by the wind, as the air became pregnant with expectation. But the rain never came. Hammock sleeping on Java.

My camping spot in the morning

My camping spot in the morning

I slept under a roof shelter in my hammock on the beach, under a bright lamp, among the collection of crowing roosters, and next to a thoroughfare of fisherman getting up at 3am to ply the waters in their boats. Well, I didn’t sleep.

Today I broke 100km on Java. No torrential downpour. Flat roads with a good road surface. Little traffic. It was a lovely evening with Alfian and his friends and family in Cilacap. I realise how lucky I am being able to cycle on this trip. My savings from my job in a rich country are enough to let me realise my dream. I hope Alfian and others, one day, can realise their dreams too! Him, and others, will be welcome in my home (when I find one).. ☺

The beach

The beach

  1. I cycled through Pangandaran a few years ago, stayed 2 weeks due to getting dengue. I met some local mountain bike riders who fixed up my brakes, told me stories about tsunamis. Beautiful country, I recall staying in a lovely hot springs town.

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Such a wide open beach. Has anyone talked about the tsunami on this trip?

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