Day 329. 48km. Jakarta – Bogor

Posted: March 23, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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My 3 weeks in Jakarta have come to an end. No more living in an air-conditioned malls, and once more I hit the road – this time into the densest traffic I have experienced. Good-bye Pak Dion – my Indonesian guru, and hello Nafal and team in Bogor – my warmshower host!

Pak Dion and my certificate

Pak Dion and my certificate

My goodness the traffic is bad in Jakarta. Usually with a bike you can skirt around cars, and move forward. Not in Jakarta – the density of traffic is too high (the Pauli exclusion principle comes into play – little joke for the physics nerds).

Just out of Jakarta I hit 29000km.



For the first time I felt quite proficient in Indonesian. I’ve spent the whole evening with my new warmshower friends speaking Indonesian with only rare forays in English. It’s a cool team here, and a house with bikes everywhere. Thanks, Nafal for the great hospitality!

Nafal and the team

Nafal and the team

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    That was a quick course!
    Deprivation is the surest way to appreciate things like air conditioning and hot water showers!

    • Actually the course was 3 weeks. The blog was delayed as i wasn’t online in sumatra.. I don’t miss hot water showers. It’s too hot everywhere so a cold shower is nice.. 🙂

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