Day 321. 82km. Pasar Pino – Padanganget

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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We stood there in the sun, next to the little hut on the beach, munching our 5th kilogram of duku (a tropical fruit) when there was cry. People were running for cover. Just 10 metres away it was pouring with rain. I wheeled my bike under cover, and then it started. The rain boundary was abrupt, and now it was over us – it was raining cats and dogs.



We visited our host, Mr. Black’s school in the town of Manna. My goodness, the kids were excited. One asked if they could take a selfie. When we said yes, they all screamed and stormed to the front in a tsunami of smart phones. I can’t overstress the volume of the initial burst of screaming. It blew me away. We are not super stars, but in the eyes of these kids we were.

The kids

The kids

We find ourselves tonight in a military base camping on the floor. It is very peaceful and relaxing after a hot day cycling, eating, swimming and surfing.

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