Day 309. 140km. Pakning – Simpang Berrinin

Posted: February 13, 2016 in Cycling, Indonesia
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Today was the day of palm plantations. Endless plantations with few people. Today was the day of gas pipelines. Today it rained cats and dogs. Today we saw the rolling hills of total devastation. Land that was once (I’m not sure when) forest, and is now barren as far as the eye can see. Today is day number two of camping in a school.



With no more boats to catch, Clement and I can set the schedule. We realised today that our bodies have different needs. Mine needs many more calories, and it needs a breakfast. Two bananas is enough for Clement. Not for me. An early start was fine, but, due to the lack of people, and just an endless road through the plantations, we found ourselves 50km further on before we could have a late breakfast. I was a bit crotchety, even after devouring my reserve biscuits, ripping open the wrapper when it didn’t comply with my wishes. We will take this calorie need into account in the future. ☺

The morning light and scenery was very serene.


The morning light

The rolling fields of emptiness were everywhere.


The empty plains


Not a tropical rainforest

  1. Such a journey of contrasts! Sad that the forest acreage was destroyed for the palm plantations. Looks desolate. Am in awe of your adventures, hope you get to have good sustenance to keep the energy levels up.

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Ugh, my stomach lurched seeing that clear cut forest, replaced with monoculture palms. How many species were sacrificed, I wonder? What a price to pay.

  3. What a scene of devastation. It really is such a depressing view.

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