Day 304. 84km. Kampung Tanjong Bidara – Muar

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Cycling, Malaysia
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Since Savannakhet in Laos, except for short breaks of a few days with others, I have been cycling alone. Early to rise, stop when I like, eat when I like. Sleep. The last few days cycling with Clement we have slept in and talked, eaten and talked, experienced and talked. That different cycling experience once more – and I like it.

Clement cycling through the palm trees

Clement cycling through the palm trees

We sit up to our chest in the tranquil bath-warm water, the rocks poking out of the sea to the side, the sandy beach lined with palm trees in front of us, and behind us, one of the most important stretches of water in the world – the straights of Malacca. All night from our sleeping vantage-point on the little verandah looking out over the sea, we saw the horizon lit with huge vessels plying this critical shipping corridor. Now, in the morning, we sat and agreed how lucky we both were to be able to be here in this beautiful place, and be on this amazing bike trip – Clement Europe to here via India, and me via China.

Today we met Acid – an active member of cycling Facebook groups that I have been in contact with for a long time. He showed us little side paths away from the highway right up to his house. It was beautiful cycling down Dutch-style cycling paths, but this time not through Dutch forests and polders with cows, but amongst coconut palms. This is the type of road I came here to cycle. Coconut palms remain exotic and exciting for me, and being immersed amongst them I feel I have come such a long way.

Acid, Clement and me.

Acid, Clement and me.

Through the palm trees

Through the palm trees



The broad planning for the way forward to Australia is now being planned. Each with a few different activities planned en route, we are both going the same direction down to East Timor and then Australia. How to arrange that, how long will each option take, and how to sort out the limited two-month Indonesian visas? I will be cycling to Australia for a lot of the way with Clement and Will. Now is the time to work out how to puzzle the grand plan together. A day off in Muar to do this, with the knowledge and experience of Acid.

  1. Burt Reiff says:

    Is “Acid” a nickname? And what does it mean in Malay.

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