Day 295. 135km. Kuala Perlis – Georgetown

Posted: January 21, 2016 in Cycling, Malaysia
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‘You can catch a boat.’
The Zimbabwean cyclist I met at the crossroads was a saviour. I was about to start a planned 20km detour on main roads because of one 200m stretch of water. No ferries marked on the map. He’d just caught a water taxi in the village 5km away– and that is what I did too. A daylight arrival in Georgetown was the result.

The ferry to Georgetown

The ferry to Georgetown

The weather is hot. And muggy. I’m constantly mopping the sweat off my brow, and when I stop, and the breeze from cycling stops, it pours down like a waterfall. The roads were flat today – tiny roads mostly along the coast and through farmland. Very pleasant – but just hot.

A quiet road

A quiet road

River boats

River boats

Quiet road

Quiet road

Georgetown is quite big. In Little India I cycled through Bollywood music coming from all directions. Lots of backpackers in this tourist centre of Malaysia.

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    I can’t imagine cycling in that heat. It must tucker you out!

  2. wilma goldstein says:

    very impressed you’re still going on your own – save journey, Wilma Goldstein

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