Day 291. 118km. Ban Chongplee – Koh Lanta

Posted: January 13, 2016 in Cycling, Thailand, Uncategorized
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Another sprint, Metallica blaring in my ears, and then all I could hear was the call to prayer. The local mosque was calling out to its followers. Slowly the religious landscape has been changing as I travel south. I am approaching the second large muslim region of the planet – Malaysia and Indonesia – my home for the next months.

Ao Nang beach

Ao Nang beach

I have seen more women with hijabs, many fluttering in the wind as they pass me on their motorbikes. I have seen more halal restaurants, and I have seen more mosques. The variation in the world seen slowly from the eyes of a cyclist.

I left my warmshower host, Andrey, early and did a little detour to Ao Nang beach. It seems there littering is allowed for 21 hours each day.

Littering allowed

Littering allowed

The rest of the morning was spent in Krabi replacing my broken bike computer. I couldn’t find one with an altimeter, but, I guess I’ve already done most of the mountains.. ☺ Getting to Koh Lanta – my planned destination – became another race as I only left Krabi at 13.00. Head down, music on, on the freeway, I couldn’t enter the zone today. The headwind saw to that.

Tomorrow I’m off on a snorkelling trip to Koh Rok where I will spend the night in my tent on the beach by my little self. An evening snorkel in the clear blue waters as I watch the sunset is rather appealing to me at this moment. No blog entry tomorrow.

  1. Carlos says:

    Amazing. I was there 12 years ago, backpacking, not cyckling. No mosque or hijab to be seen then. How the world changes.

  2. AndrewGills says:

    I don’t know your route through Oz but if you come through Brisbane you are welcome to crash at our place by the beach in Redcliffe. It’s months off for you yet but if we’re home there’s a bed, shower and wifi for you. We might even be able to shout you a load of laundry at the laundromat (we don’t have a washing machine)

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