Day 241. 65km. Mengyang – Menglun

Posted: January 8, 2016 in China, Cycling
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While curving my way up and down and around and around, I wondered what the fractal dimension was of this road. I wondered this when regarded as projected onto a 2-dimensional space (like a map), or when in its true 3-d space. In 2 dimensions, taking a scaling factor ε=1/3, and using the formula

I think the fractal dimension is the same as the Koch Curve – namely 1.2619.

Equally nerdy, I remembered the puzzle – if you have 100km to go, you can go 50km, and then have 50 to go. Then, if you go 25, you have 25 to go. Then, going 12.5, you have 12.5 to go. If you continue halving the distance travelled, you never reach the 100km. This is how I felt, winding my way in ever tighter curves, towards the Laos border. All the while either climbing or falling on the steepest of steep slopes. Its beautiful, but tomorrow I’m taking the main road with long, badly ventilated tunnels. I’ve had it with hills.

The valley

The valley

It's hilly

It’s hilly

It's hilly

It’s hilly

It's hilly

It’s hilly

  1. Eliza Waters says:

    Reminds me of where I live – makes bike riding less than pleasant. 😉 Beautiful country, however!

  2. Had a look at your route on google map and it squiggles along very impressively. Can see why the straight and narrow tunnels beckon. For this virtual traveller though the scenic route is terrific :).

  3. giannis says:

    Congratulations for solving the Zeno’s dichotomy paradox! — being a cyclist myself i had never imagined that it would be solved by a cyclist! … LOL

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