Day 238. 63km. De’an – Ning’er

Posted: January 5, 2016 in China, Cycling
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The high passes follow each other without a break in between. Climb 500m, drop 500m, then directly up 600m, then down. I stopped early in Ning’er leaving the next 600m climb for tomorrow – opting for an afternoon siesta instead.

The mountains

The mountains

The silence of the high plains has been replaced by crickets, cicadas and birds. The yaks have been replaced by water buffalo. The mountains have been replaced by.. mountains. I am inching forward towards the Laos border. My displacement each day from the day before looks small to me on the map, but I know what climbs have been conquered. This will not be a fast dash.

Water buffalo

Water buffalo

  1. Jodi says:

    Such incredibly beautiful mountains!

  2. Jill wright says:

    Not sure if my questions got posted so here I go again!
    I’m travelling to Laos and Cambodia next week for a month. I want to rent a bike and do some cycling. I looked at the Mekong discovery trail and also o will be in northern Laos. Any suggestions come to mind?
    Thank you for your great blog which I really enjoy. Good luck

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