Day 227. 36km. Geka – Cheese Factory

Posted: December 25, 2015 in China, Cycling
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The switchbacks started, and I thought, ‘this is not as hard as all that.’ Then there was no more room in the valley for switchbacks and the rocky, dusty road followed the river – straight up. I cycled. Fell off as I rock took away my 2km/h. I walked, cycled, walked. Then walked, rested, walked. This valley is beautiful, but, man, it is steep!

Rising from the valley

Rising from the valley

I had been told of the cheese factory – about 40km away. A good place for lunch, I thought. The first 20km were roadworks – this time without rain or mud, which made them more bearable. It is not the bad roads that I mind with roadworks. It is the constant noise of trucks, drilling, cement mixing. Pulling over constantly to allow trucks to pass, leaving a cloud of dust in their wake.



Rocky, sandy, steep roads without roadworks are fun. The valley was amazing. First stunning views from the switchbacks, and then glimpses of high peaks vertically up, peeking between the dense rainforest foliage. I loved the road – first grunting to see how far I can make it cycling before falling off. Then, how far I could push the bike before needing a rest. The road got steeper and steeper and the pushing the bike rests were finally spaced every 20m or so.

Green, green, everywhere

Green, green, everywhere

Looking up - a long way up

Looking up – a long way up

The road up

The road up

Today I climbed from 2350m to 3700m. Who knows how high the pass is. I am told it is 20km away, but not quite as steep. ☺

  1. Spectacular scenery, and a serious vertical gradient. What an experience!!!

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Hopefully, the beauty offset the work. I feel the exhaustion just reading this! 😉

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