Day 278. 123km. Pong Nam Ron – Takrao

Posted: December 12, 2015 in Cycling, Thailand
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We sat, together, in the airconditioned room. ‘And then there was that!’ – and another story would be told with a smile from ear to ear. I met world-cycler Bernadette in Amsterdam at a cycling trade show a few years ago when I was excitedly planning my own world cycle tour. And now we find ourselves on the bike in Thailand – in bungalows overlooking a beautiful lake. ‘Good to see you!’ she screamed and we wrapped ourselves in a big hug.

Me and Bernadette

Me and Bernadette

We met at a little shop out the front of the resort. Bernadette couldn’t cycle due to cramp, and I couldn’t walk – my right hip tends to give way when I walk. It comes and goes. So, I cycle at walking pace to our bungalows next to Bernadette.

Today was undulating landscape cycling, firstly in the sun, and then through a shady park, passing elephant signs. No elephants, though.



We arranged to meet in a town Takrao that isn’t called Takrao, off a road that isn’t the 3259. I asked for directions to a town that isn’t called Wang Mai. Google maps and got everything wrong about the naming. So, I find myself in a town whose name I’ve forgotten.

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