Day 206. 118km. Shibalipu – Datong

Posted: December 4, 2015 in China, Cycling
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The main road with lots of trucks. There was a climb over a pass of 3000m, but I didn’t feel immersed in the nature. The Tibetan Plateau is approaching – there was a village with Tibetan script – but I’m not there yet.

Tibetan script

Tibetan script

‘This is the Silk Road’ said one of the Chinese cyclists that we met on the way. I have been on the Silk Road since Turkey, although this corridor through northern China is the climax. It is now a corridor with big freeways and roads and fairly bland villages. We are now less than 100km from Lanzhou – the capital of Gansu province. I intend to avoid it. Wendy will be going through to Langzhou tomorrow to catch her train. Our paths will diverge then.

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