Day 272. 88km. Preah Vihear – Sr’aem

Posted: December 1, 2015 in Cambodia, Cycling
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Mark is in Siem Reap and he keeps sending me photos of cakes he is eating. The non-tourist back-block places of Cambodia know no such delights, although soon, I too can sink into an orgy of cake binging in Siem Reap. Until then, its flat straight roads through wooded landscape void of people.

Dreaming of Siem Reap

Dreaming of Siem Reap

My path takes a detour to see the temple of Preah Vihear on the Thai-Cambodian border. All have raved about it, and it sounds like a temple of the beauty of Angkor Wat without the people. Perfect! Tonight I am in the last village with accommodation before the temple, ready for an early morning assault tomorrow.

Today started with Davide, eating (non Siem Reap) cake (and noodle soup) before embarking. After 23km our roads diverged as he is continuing onto Siem Reap directly. We will meet up again there.

Not dreaming of Siem Reap

Not dreaming of Siem Reap

The long road

The long road

The long road

The long road

  1. yazidatan says:

    The Seven Candles in SR is a nice, quiet place to stay.

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    With the calories you burn, no wonder you dream of desserts! Looking forward to hearing about the temple of Preah Vihear.

  3. Samira Hoeboer says:

    Hi Mathew, mijn moeder Maria (Samira /Remco Hoeboer uit Delft) gaat morgen naar Siem Reap met Hans. Ik volg je sinds je vertrek en geniet van je belevenissen. Zou wel heel bijzonder grappig zijn als jullie elkaar toevallig ontmoeten! Goede reis weer verder!

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