Day 192. 90km. Sandoulin – Hami

Posted: November 20, 2015 in China, Cycling
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I cycled along the freeway in the backblocks of China thinking – this is a world full of beautiful people. People caring for their families and enjoying daily life. People with their hopes, dreams and worries.



Today I used my Chinese in a deep philosophical discussion about life and happiness. Life and happiness is the same the world over. I am an example of the human condition, and I am alive today, sharing this planet with others. I hope in the future, another generation of people can live these experiences, and carry on the human condition. It is a beautiful thing – the human experience – and I am honoured to be part of it today and now.

My other thoughts today as I struggled against the fierce wind were how developed China is. All the freeways are brand new and amazing engineering feats. The cities are springing up out of nothing, but are mostly already there. New, snazzy cars zoom along the freeways and in the cities. This is not an America wannabe. It is wealthy already. It is not like America, and it doesn’t wannabe.

The cycling was slow going today against the wind. We called it a day at the big town of Hami.

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