Day 185. 118km. Wulan Hate – High Plains

Posted: November 13, 2015 in China, Cycling
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It’s a different China. This morning I left my holiday yurt, climbed into the heavens, and dropped down onto wide, open plains, with snow-capped mountains in the distance, and void of people. With the wind at my back, I rolled along these endless plains, feeling free and happy in this beautiful place.

The high plains

The high plains

You can see for miles – in fact more than 20 kilometres. This is a photo looking back at the previous photo.

The High Plains

The High Plains

The plains roll on in all directions for-ever. Leaving the road you could walk until you are a dot, invisible from the road. Slowly, I climbed on the plains, and they turned into a high yurt valley – but this time real yurts – not the holiday yurts below. The plains are flat, and a fence lines the road, making a secret camp challenging. My tent is in view of the road, in a tiny dip, next to a small river.

Frosty camping spot

Frosty camping spot

View from the high pass

View from the high pass

Summit monument

Summit monument

  1. José Rovers says:

    Ik geniet van je reisverslagen. Elke dag even kijken waar je weer bent. Je neemt overal goede gedachten en vriendschap mee.
    Volgster uit Nederland.

  2. Eliza Waters says:

    How do you plan for water? Assuming you carry food, but not enough water.

  3. ton smeets says:

    Hi Mathew
    Are you travelling alone now ?
    Like everyone I like your stories every day.
    Only I do’nt understand the stories of Laos.
    Why do I see them now did I miss the reason ?
    Good Luck

    • Hi there Ton.. I delayed the blog heading to China, and built up a delay of 3 months. I didn’t want to blog on China while in China. I have now left China, and have resumed more up-to-date blog entries. I will continue to post the China entries, one day at a time until the 2nd week of January. So, there will be 2 blog entries each day – one from China, and one from the tropics – currently Laos. Does that make things clearer? 🙂

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