Day 247. 53km. Oudomxay – Lak Ha Sip

Posted: November 3, 2015 in Cycling, Laos
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Hit by a truck. Torrential downpour. Muddy road. Result: we didn’t make it over the two passes we wanted to today, but rather to a lovely new hotel/restaurant at the top of a pass. Very pleasant!

Sunset at the top of the pass

Sunset at the top of the pass

BANG! The whole bike bolted forward, almost hitting the cement water barrier. The truck behind me stopped, and the driver got out. He was very apologetic. We looked at the bike, and, amazingly, nothing seemed to be damaged at all. The wheel was straight, no spokes broken. He hit me directly from behind, and I just bounced off him like a ball.

The other excitement today was the amazing downpour. The heavens opened and it bucketed down. I went under a small bamboo motorbike shelter, and felt bad when Mark couldn’t fit and insisted on continuing in the pouring rain. It continued to teem down for an hour as I huddled under my tiny shelter, getting quite cold. Mark sheltered a few kilometres further along under a shelter for fruit sellers.

Mark in a village

Mark in a village

  1. Judith says:

    What an amazing trip you have! Very happy & interesting I can follow your progress. Soon the good food will start (or Laos already good??). – location HTC-Ehv

  2. Barbara van der Vaart says:

    Wat een enerverende dag…. Maar aan je blogs te lezen en te zien is Laos echt prachtig! Liefs uit Den Haag.

  3. jovialspoon says:

    Glad to hear the bike is OK and, most importantly, I presume you’re OK too.

  4. jozef says:

    do’nt forget the nightmarket in L.P all you can eat for one price.Good luck.

  5. Eliza Waters says:

    So glad you and the bike were okay – yikes! How did he not see you? Don’t bother to answer that – he did but didn’t care?

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