Day 165. 66km. Tashkumyr – Karakol

Posted: October 15, 2015 in Cycling, Kyrgyzstan
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Will gets his nourishment from chocolate, chips and energy drinks. Oh. And eggs. Fruit is a big no-no, and most other healthy things. But I am the one with diahorrea – again. I have lost all shame. Emergency toilet stops on the side of the road with no place to hide from the traffic – no worries. I can shit anywhere – and do.

The view over the dam

The view over the dam

Today was up-down-up-down-up-down-up-down. We climbed above the dam wall, and then skirted the dam between 100 and 200m above the water. All in the blazing sun. It was beautiful, but, feeling sick, it seemed relentless – every 12% climb followed by a 12% drop.

Roadside restaurants popped up at 17km and then again at 55km. With no shade, we pushed on until about 4 to the one at 55km, at which point I flopped into the sofa, took some antibiotics, slept, and visited the toilet.

View from the toilet

View from the toilet

Tomorrow is another rest day. Kim and Will left – being on a tight schedule, but not before demolishing 8 eggs each.

8 eggs each

8 eggs each

  1. Paul says:

    Try fasting for twenty four hours drink lots of water or tea no sugars then start with rice feel like crap but it works. idea is to let the natural gut flora establish its self. antibiotics tend to kill all flora and it could be viral best if you treat as soon as symptoms occur . I usually try and time staring mid to late in the day and rest good luck

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