Day 134. 147km. Hauz-Han – Zehmet

Posted: September 12, 2015 in Cycling, Turkmenistan
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Today was the day to put the foot down on the accelerator and make some kilometres to cross Turkmenistan in four days. The wind didn’t agree with this plan, made it a long day, and meant I left Thomas who was slower in the wind. Other than cycling, I tried my hand in making Turkmenistan savoury pastries – I wasn’t too good at it.

Sleepy dog

Sleepy dog

I was kind of waiting to enter the centre of the city of Mary where there were shops, people walking around, and a pleasant atmosphere. I kept on cycling on the main road, passed some big roundabouts and some impressive official buildings adorned with the president’s picture, and came out the other end. My conclusion: Turkmenistan cities are not that exciting – I much prefer the endless roads spanning the flat desolate plains. I love bleak and dry landscape. Here is a photo of the big mosque in Mary.

Mosque in Mary

Mosque in Mary

Before Mary I stopped at a tiny shop with nothing – except some lovely people that were making lunch for their family and customers. I was allowed to try to make a savoury pastry before it was stuck to the side of a clay oven. It was fascinating to watch it being made, even if my attempt to make one was a failure.

Preparing lunch

Preparing lunch

I am staying at the last café for 60km of desert. The last stretch to Turkmenabat is long, desolate, and empty. That’s for tomorrow..

P.S. I was about to go to bed and Thomas walked in to the café where I was sleeping. A big congratulation, and then he sat down to eat. He had cycled on through the evening, and joined me for the night in Zehmet.

  1. Paul says:

    Well done guys sounds like a great trip only caught up with you at this stage but will be watching from Tasi

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