World Cycle 2015 Video – Istanbul (Turkey) – Tbilisi (Georgia)

Posted: June 6, 2015 in Cycling, Georgia, Turkey
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Since our dash to Tbilisi against the wind, we have completed a relaxing week with our great new Tbilisi friends Pieter, Floor and Mathias. Repairs, collecting mail, catching up on the blog and buying odd bits and pieces, was combined with mountain walks, city walks, a visit to castles and cave cities and a stimulating Green Pedals visit to the QSI school in Tbilisi. Thank you very much Pieter and Floor for the great hospitality and the amazing time!!

And I had time to put together a video of the next part of my trip. 🙂

Cave city at Vardzia

Cave city at Vardzia

  1. Ward Ramaker says:

    Nice video Matthew:)
    please take care in the most dangerous part of your journey!

  2. Laurence White says:

    Great video Matthew My son Charlie (18) and I have some time in late June early July to do a good 10 day cycle somewhere. Last year we cycled through Wales for 6 days (Lon las Cymru) which was a great taster and has given us the bug, along with following people like you. All the best. Laurence.

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