Day 75. 43km. Gönen – Bandirma – Istanbul

Posted: November 29, 2014 in Cycling, Turkey
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My last day of cycling for 2014. It has been an amazing trip. I am now left with my memories, some great new friends, and my three dog rocks. They won’t be needed any more now.

The three dog rocks - for aggressive dogs (of which there are many)

The three dog rocks – for aggressive dogs (of which there are many)

In the book ‘On the Beach’ by Nevil Shute, radiation from a huge world war that killed everything in the Northern Hemisphere was slowly creeping south. When the book started, Brisbane went ‘out’ (died of radiation). Finally the radiation reached Melbourne, and people made the most of their last days before the radiation killed them too, and there was nothing left alive. On my bike trip I have been running from the winter. Places became too cold just after I left them. The rain and cold has arrived in Istanbul. James is fleeing for the winter, leaving today. I am left, with a forecast of rain, rain and rain. I will try to move my flight out forward. The first part of my bike trip from Holland to Australia is complete, and it is time to call it a day.

On the Beach. Nevil Shute

On the Beach. Nevil Shute

The road from Gönen to Bandirma was freeway-like and very uninteresting. My boat to Istanbul is in the evening, and I am sitting in a warm cafe in Bandirma watching people walk by. My departure from Eindhoven 2.5 months ago seems a lifetime ago. So much has happened – so many amazing places I’ve seen, incredible people I’ve met, and things that have happened. And the great thing is, there is a LOT more coming up next year. As my friends in Boston say – ‘AWESOME’. See you all next year!

The road from Gönen

The road from Gönen

  1. 9a2er says:

    Well, it was fun reading your posts every evening. How come the weather didn’t get any better (or at least warmer) you went south. In most of your posts when you mentioned temperature and weather – they where around the same as here in Rijeka, Croatia, which is more than 1500km north?

    • Thanks for your message.. I’m not sure about the weather. It was good until the last days in Macedonia (FYROM), and has been a bit patchy since then. It rained all through Greece, and has been grey/wet most of the rest of the time. I was lucky to have an amazing sunny day in Gallipoli. It’s not raining at the moment, but the forecast is for rain, rain and more rain.
      Anyway, I’ve reached my goal for 2014, and am a happy chappy!

  2. Elva Ellen Kowald says:

    Congratulations Matthew! What a fascinating journey. Awesome! 🙂 Have been sharing your posts with Horst and a couple friends too. Everyone in Awe. Standing by for next edition! Have a wonderful holiday back home down under!!! At airport on way to RSNA..a different world..then a short urlaub in Philadelphia. Cheers and hugs!! Elva

    • Hi Elva. Wow! That is indeed a different world! The RSNA. That was fun going there for Philips. The new hairy, smelly Matthew wouldn’t fit there, I fear.. 🙂

      Greetings from Bandirma on the Sea of Marmara! And enjoy Chicago!

  3. Helen Schonenberg says:

    Heaps of fun next year!

  4. justin says:

    Het was echt super je verhalen te lezen. Kan niet wachten tot je weer op je fiets zit voor het tweede deel. Veel plezier in Ozz en geniet van de zomer 🙂

  5. Great, the first Deliverable has been delivered and approved 🙂 I really enjoyed reading about your adventure every day. Have a relaxing break!

  6. Matthew, It’s been nice following you along. We sat on the shore at Bandirma waiting for our ferry last December, just before Christmas, but we stayed in Istanbul for the holidays before fleeing to warmer weather in Oman. Enjoy the holidays and I look forward to following along when you get back on the bike.

  7. AndrewGills says:

    Have a great break. I look forward to reading your continued journey next year. Stay safe on the roads back in Oz over the holidays.

  8. Ellen says:

    Congratulations! You must be ever so pleased. It must also be a very emotional day for you. We hope you have a lovely trip home. Enjoy your holidays, give our regards to your family. Hub and Ellen

    • Hey! Greetings from Istanbul. It hasn’t been emotional yet. Until this morning I was planning to cycle a few more days until the weather forecast got worse.
      The emotional part was the first arrival in Istanbul. The last few days was a pleasant loop. I was quite emotional in Gallipoli.

      I guess I am not emotional as I know I will be continuing next year. It’s not over yet! Yay!

  9. felixxbln says:

    Wish you a good homecoming an a Merry Christmas. Do you proceed the tour next spring?

  10. faisal(Banladesh) says:

    i didn’t go anywhere like you people because of visa problem because of citizen of bangaldesh. It is nice post.

    • I know I am lucky that I can travel as freely as I can. I think everyone should be able to travel freely.
      I am hoping to cycle through Bangladesh. Ever since i landed at Dhaka airport on my first trip in the region when I was 21, I have wanted to return. Bangladesh is my good friend Bernadette Speet’s favourite country. She is there now cycling.

  11. dvanderzwaan says:

    Tot zover bedankt voor het mogen mee genieten van je reis en je verhalen! Geniet van je winter ruststop een goed en fine december maand en tot volgend jaar in goede gezondheid!!
    Tot dan!! Trudi

  12. Marcel says:

    Het was heerlijk om iedere dag je verhalen te lezen. Lekker wegdromen na “another day at the office” 🙂 Geniet van je break.
    Gr Marcel

  13. ed van der Hoorn says:

    Thanks Matthew, I have been following you every day from the moment you started, it was great! How do we know you are back to start your second part?

    • Hi Ed. Thanks for your message. Great to hear from you.
      If you subscribe to my blog, you will get an email when I post a new entry. I plan to still write daily entries for the next leg next year, but I think I will post them later when I have reliable Internet. While en route, I’ll post regular but not daily posts.
      But first – winter break! Have a great December!

  14. Jacqueline Ross says:

    Hello Matthew, what a great experience you had! Congratulations that you did already the first part of your cycling tour. Take care and enjoy your rest for the moment! Have a good flight to and time in Australia. All the best, Jacqueline

  15. Ward Ramaker says:

    Het is even wennen om niet dagelijks je verhalen te lezen.
    Ik kijk al uit naar de eerstvolgende!

    Fijne vakantie Matthew!

  16. Juha Pärkkä says:

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for an exciting blog, I’ve been following it every evening. Have a nice and relaxing Christmas holiday!

  17. Peter says:

    Hallo Matthew,

    Ik volg je sinds kort via je blog en ben erg onder de indruk van je reis. Sterkte ermee en fijne feestdagen! Hoop volgend jaar weer van je avonturen te kunnen genieten.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Peter Nieuwenhout

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