Day 61. 80km. Asprovalta – Kavala

Posted: November 14, 2014 in Cycling, Greece
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A day on the road. Cycling along the border between acceptable weather and crap weather, we missed the rain, but didn’t swim either. James passed the 6 megametre mark. We are staying at an almost closed camping ground near Kavala. A rather uneventful day.

The Greek coast

The Greek coast

The cheesecake James made to celebrate his 6 megametre (6000km) mark didn’t set, so, we had to settle for 2 chocolate milkshakes, a chocolate milk, a salty yogurt drink, a coffee and a salty cheese pastry instead.

James' 6000km mark

James’ 6000km mark

Our camping ground is rather abandoned, only patrolled by hoards of cats that fight amongst themselves to earn the right to torment us having our dinner. Tomorrow up with the chickens on the way to Bulgaria.

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